The Right Gifts with the Use of the Prepaid mastercard

The Right Gifts with the Use of the Prepaid mastercard

Even small children can learn to be grateful in front of a mountain of gifts (effect often coming from the break-up of families). Otherwise, it becomes easy for them to assume that people have to give them gifts because it’s Christmas or their birthday and this, never measuring the range or the value of the simple gesture.

It is not a question of depriving them or restricting the gifts – though sometimes it is almost indecent – but of inculcating them with a way of receiving and to accustom them, in their turn to give, in the measure of what they are capable. With the Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard you can now have the best options also.

Also, to be grateful is to be able to distinguish between what is due to us and what is given to us, free of bias. Children must be aware of it. Nobody is obliged to give them a present. Without turning down their joy and pleasure on Christmas Eve, here are some ways to boost their gratitude and make them a little more grateful for the gifts they will receive.

Appreciating the gifts we receive and being able to give in turn, at any age, are remarkable qualities of heart. Give and receive become pleasures to share and a warm moment where we think less about ourselves and more about others. Gratitude can even be applied to concepts that are much broader than gifts: being grateful for what you have (instead of envying your neighbor), appreciating what I have (rather than seeing what I miss ) and be happy to please someone, these are very powerful feelings.

Involve them so that they appreciate more then

The holiday season is one in which members of the extended family share their little touches and gifts. Thus, children see that gifts do not fall from the sky (unless at home Santa brings ALL gifts for all members of your family!). In other words, your cherubim see you go in search of the gift for the educator, for an uncle or a niece. So, they see you thinking about what you want to buy them to please them. What a good time to involve them in this process!

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The Right Gifts with the Use of the Prepaid mastercard

Active participation

We ask our child to find with us gift ideas for some people

One flips through with him a catalog or a circular . We can even go shopping with him. Example: Adèle, 5 years old, goes every year to shop with her father to choose a gift for her mother. She chooses the color of the pajamas found or the fragrance of the bubble bath. She thus participates in the choice based on the tastes of her mother and not, his own. She chooses a pink pajamas (her mom’s favorite color) rather than yellow (her favorite color to her).

We prepare small treats (cookies, truffles, sweets, etc.). Even if the recipe is very simple, the lucky ones who receive them are always happy (especially the greedy ones!). And for the cook elf, it’s a moment of pleasure and discovery.

Thus, by taking time to make the treats, he understands more the value “time” given to a gift (he spent his time to make a gift when he could have taken it to watch a movie or play a game.